Capsicum frutescens/Hot Pepper

Capsicum frutescens / Capsicum frutescens
Fruit in several stages of development
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Fruit in several stages of development

Excellent bedding plant for late summer and autumn

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Scientific Name: Capsicum frutescens
Common Name: Hot Pepper
Height: 1-2 feet
Spread: 1-2 feet
Bloom time: Spring
Flower color: White
Fruit present: Summer, Fall
Fruit color: Various
Light Exposure: Sun, Part Sun
Drainage: Well drained, Moist
Rate of Growth: Moderate
Water Requirement: Medium
Maintenance Level: Low
Susceptible to insects
and diseases:
Comments: There are many varieties. Most have very hot fruit which come in various colors, sizes and shapes. Easy to grow from seeds. Keep seeds from a desirable variety, store seeds in the refrigerator during the winter and plant seeds the following spring. Excellent for growing in mass plantings and as single specimen in a container. To take the burning sensation out of hot peppers when eating them, do not drink water, but eat potatoes, pasta, or bananas.