Amorphophallus konjac /Devil's Tongue, Voodoo Lily

Amorphophallus konjac  / Amorphophallus konjac
Flower of a container grown specimen
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Flower of a container grown specimen

The spathe is wrapped around the elongated spadix

Close view of spathe and spadix

The flower may reach a height of 5 feet or more

Young flower just emerging from corm.

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Scientific Name: Amorphophallus konjac
Common Name: Devil's Tongue, Voodoo Lily
Hardiness Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Determine Your Zone
Height: 2- 5 feet
Spread: 3 -5 feet
Bloom time: Spring, Summer
Flower color: Purple
Light Exposure: Sun, Part Sun
Drainage: Well drained, Moist
Rate of Growth: Fast
Water Requirement: High
Maintenance Level: Low
Comments: Plant grows rapidly from the large corm. The corm has dietary and medicinal uses and provides several vitamins, but must be used only after careful research. A single, compound, green leaf appears after plant flowers. Petiole is whitish and mottled or splotched with green. When in flower an unpleasant odor is produced.