Hylocereus undatus /Night Blooming Cerus, Dragonfruit

Hylocereus undatus   / Hylocereus undatus
Stems may be from a few inches to several feet long
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Stems may be from a few inches to several feet long

Flower buds presen on this container grown plant

Blooms after dark

Close-up view of exquisite flower

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Scientific Name: Hylocereus undatus
Common Name: Night Blooming Cerus, Dragonfruit
Plant Type: Evergreen
Hardiness Zone: 10, 11 Determine Your Zone
Bloom time: Spring, Summer
Flower color: White
Fruit present: Summer, Fall
Fruit color: Red
Light Exposure: Sun, Part Sun
Drainage: Well drained, Dry
Rate of Growth: Moderate
Water Requirement: Medium
Maintenance Level: Low
Comments: A sprawling terrestrial cactus or vining epiphytic that climbs by means of aerial rootlets. Can climb to heigths of over 40 feet. Large, fragrant, greenish to white, fragrant flowers open only at night. May have several flowering cycles in tropical climates, but only 1-2 in temperate zones. Keep plant moist during growing season and water weekly until January-February when no water is given for 4 weeks. When flower bud develops, about March, resume regular watering and plant will flower in 6-8 weeks. Fruit is edible. a te flower bud