Centaurea cyanus /Bachelor's Button

Centaurea cyanus  / Centaurea cyanus
A single blue bachelor's button flower
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A single blue bachelor's button flower

Flowers and foliage

Plants can produce a large number of flowers at a time

Blue is a receeding color in the landscape

Without strong contrast, blue does not show up well at any distance

Bachelor's button plants become tall and may lodge with wind and/or rain

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Scientific Name: Centaurea cyanus
Common Name: Bachelor's Button
Height: 2- 5 feet
Spread: 1-2 feet
Bloom time: Spring, Summer, Fall
Flower color: Various
Light Exposure: Sun
Drainage: Well drained, Moist
Rate of Growth: Moderate
Water Requirement: Medium
Maintenance Level: Low
Comments: One of the few annuals that grow well in well alkaline soil. Produce many flowers over a ling period of time. The cornflowers are very popular for cottage gardens, meadow gardens and flower beds. Very dependable and easy to take care of and they also make fine cut flowers. They rival straw flowers as dried specimens or long lasting dried flowers.