Pachysandra terminalis /Pachysandra

Pachysandra terminalis  / Pachysandra terminalis
Low ground cover planting with scattering of new light green foliage
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Low ground cover planting with scattering of new light green foliage

Large ground cover planting of pachysandra

Border planting

Ground cover

Clusters of foliage on short flexible stems

Pachysandra makes a wonderful uniform ground cover in areas where it grows well

In part shane and part sun

Large area of ground cover

Ground cover in a raised bed

Spring flowers

Ground cover in flower

Nicely maintained ground cover planting at the Birmingham Botanical Garden

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Scientific Name: Pachysandra terminalis
Common Name: Pachysandra
Plant Type: Evergreen
Leaf Type: Broadleaf
Hardiness Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Determine Your Zone
Height: Under 1 foot
Spread: to 1 foot
Flower color: White
Light Exposure: Part Sun, Filtered Shade, Shade
Drainage: Well drained, Moist,
Rate of Growth: Slow
Water Requirement: Medium
Maintenance Level: Low
Susceptible to insects
and diseases:
Comments: A shrubby, evergreen pachysandra that spreads by underground rhizomes and is one of the most universally used plants as a ground cover. This slow grower takes two or more years to form a dark green, dense carpet after planting. White flowers are not showy, but are quite attractive when examined close up.