Acer tataricum /Tatarian Maple


Foliage and winged seeds

Red, winged (samara) seeds

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Scientific Name: Acer tataricum
Common Name: Tatarian Maple
Plant Type: Deciduous
Leaf Type: Broadleaf
Hardiness Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Determine Your Zone
Height: 15-20 feet
Spread: 10 - 15 feet
Bloom time: Summer
Flower color: White, Green
Fruit present: Summer, Fall
Fruit color: Red
Light Exposure: Sun, Morning sun
Drainage: Well drained
Rate of Growth: Moderate
Water Requirement: Medium
Maintenance Level: Medium
Comments: This maple is native to Southeastern Europe and Asia. Named for the Tatar people of Russia. Leaves have three to five lobes and are especially colorful (mixed red and yellow) in autumn. Leaves on a mature tree of less lobed than those on young trees. Flowers and winged fruit can be somewhat ornamental on the relatively small growing tree.